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Donate to Comeback Kids Ministries!!!

We have a lot of plans for the future here at Comeback Kids. Unfortunatly every idea and vision that is birthed requires the right amount of funds to do so. You can read the "What in the Future Page" and see that we do have visions and goals for this these Ministries. Pray and seek yourselves and God to see if you may be able to donate something to us for our visions and dreams. Every dolllar goes to seeing the Word of God being preached by these Ministries throughout the world, but starting One Heart at a Time.


We wont play funny gimmicks on you and tell you that for 700 Dollars you can get 700 Miracles or that if you donate 1000 dollars then 1000 souls will be saved. What we will tell you though is THANK YOU! Thank you, and that you will always be in our prayers and thoughts and as COmeback Kids Ministries gorws to maturity that YOU, YES YOU had a HUGE part in it. We thank you so much! Remember that whatever we give and make happen for others, will be given back and done for us. We love here at Comeback Kids. 


Please follow the Paypal link bellow to Donate to Comeback Kids Ministries. 


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